Swedish Massage


Dynamic massage techniques are used to reduce anxiety and stress, promote relaxation and enhance overall well being.



An alternative to massage, a practitioner places hands on specific areas of the body and channels energy to realign the body’s energy centers for relaxation and pain reduction.



The ancient art of stimulating reflex points promotes a relaxing and strengthening effect on the whole mind-body system. Technique may be done primarily on the feet, or a combination of head, face, hands and feet. An enjoyable alternative to massage.

Prenatal Massage


(Doctor’s release required) 

Gentle, effective Swedish technique. Generally safe and effective in relieving both mental and physical stresses that can interfere with the joyous experience of the mom-to-be. Specially designed table is available and suitable for most. 

Sports Massage


An invigorating, up tempo massage designed to enhance the body’s performance. Techniques include broadening, jostling, stretching and

range of motion

Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna


Unlike a traditional sauna, which uses steam to heat the air, the FIR panels create heat like that of the sun, minus the harmful UV rays. The penetrating warmth of the infrared sauna can support wellness on many levels.